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Laser Therapy Device(Multi Type)

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Product Detail Information

Conveniently usable multi-type laser irradiator for various parts on the body!!

It is a medical device alleviating pain which penetrates a low-output semi-conductor laser in the shape of an extremely short cycle pulse down-to 10cm deep under the skin in order to improve blood circulation, to promote curing wounds, and to reduce occurrence of substances arousing pain through activating cell metabolism.

Accelerating metabolism, a weak laser has effect to activate cells and enhance immunity.

That is to say, wavelength of a weak laser ray is a most ideal light therapy. When this wavelength will be irradiated on the body, blood vessels are widened, and blood circulation improves, and the damaged cell tissues return to normalcy. In addition, if it’s irradiated on the acupoints, it has stimulus effect to remove pain on the skin or at the muscles, and promote completely healing the affected parts.

Medical treatment areas if the low-output laser(Source : Journal of Korea pain Academy, Vol.5, No2)
According to Mr. Warnke(and other), if a 600nm~1,000nm laser ray is radiated onto a body, the light energy changes to electrical and chemical energy, the ray between cells are so reflected and reverberated to show biological stimulus effect even to the peripheral tissues that it can enhance vitality of the hypo functional cells.

Characteristic and Merit

  • Large screen display function
    Adopting a wide LCD screen, set-up contents or progressing condition can be seen at a glance, and at the time of setup or an end, it makes a buzzing sound.
  • Variety of radiators
    For selective use in accordance with the region, two(stick and cap) kinds of irradiators were adopted.
  • Convenient setup function
    With a micom built-in, users can conveniently use it to control light output and time at their will.
  • Simple charging method
    Embedding a lithium-polimer battery for charging, it’s conveniently portable to use after charging. An exclusive adaptor for charging a mobile phone(to be purchased separately)

Efficiency effect

Alleviating pain

Product use illustration

Product specification

[KFDA Permit No : 06-161]
Item laser apparatus for medical use
Model QT-111K / QT-112K
Voltage AC110~220V, 60Hz
Time 5 minutes, 10 minutes
Laser specification wavelength : 905nm
Output power : 3.5mW
Grade : 3R
Size(mm) 86 x 154 x 34
Weight(g) 267