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Laser Therapy Device(Acuhandy Type)

Product Detail Information

Acuhandy Type

Size is so small and easy to grasp inside the hands that it can be used for finger-pressure by the laser ray. In addition, as a product imaging a turtle, one of 10 longevities, it has a meaning of peace and good health and longevity.

Characteristic and Merit

  • Convenient on/off function
  • Simple charging method : portable, using charger for mobile phones
  • Characteristic : as a size to be slides into the hands like mobile phones, it’s simply usable at moving(going out)

Product specification

[KFDA Permit No : 08-57]
Item Laser apparatus for medical use
Model QTH-112M
Voltage AC110~220V, 60Hz
Time 10 minutes
Laser specification Wavelength : 635nm
Output power : 3.0mW
Grade : 3R
Size(mm) 43 x 71 x 25
Weight(g) 25