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Whole-Body Cryotherapy Device

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A Medical cryotherapy device keeping the affected area at a low temperature to alleviate pain and to mitigate edemas.

The whole body low temperature treatment method as a therapy now being used in Germany and in the Europe after Professor Yamaguchi of Japan introduced it first in 1979 and, alleviates pain utilizing low temperature of -110°C

Utilizing around -110°C refrigerated low temperature air obtained by evaporating liquid nitrogen, this medical device is as a medical low temperature apparatus following the whole low temperature treatment therapy, a simple and efficient product which gains a treatment effect by having the whole skin except for the neck and the head exposed for about 3 minutes only after having a patient entered(put) in an open treatment room pursuant to consultation and direction of a doctor, It minimized the physical heat impact of a patient resulted from change and a safe medical device making a direct dialogue between a doctor and a patient during treatment.

Medical low temperature devices have been used at the hospitals, spas, or fitness clubs from long(time) ago in Germany, France, and Netherlands as well as in Russia and Poland.

Characteristic Merit

This medical low temperature device for one person has advantages of economic efficiency, convenience in use and safety.

Economic efficiency
  • Cheap Price comparing with the other(competitors') medical low temperature devices for the whole body treatment
    Unlike other(competitor's) products of group-types, our product for a whole body treatment of one person was developed for cheap price.
  • Available to install even in small space
    As a product for one person not like the group-type products divided with an -60°C auxiliary room and an -110°C main treatment room, it's available to make installation in small space.
  • convenient operation time
    Improving a problem restricted by the operation time that a number of person use at the same time, operation time is convenient.
  • Acquisition of item permit of medical device
    We have finished local development in technological co-operation with Russian KRYON Co. and obtained item Permit of a medical device.
  • Direct dialogue available during treatment between a doctor and a patient
    We have developed this product so that a direct conversation will be available during treatment between a doctor and a patient after having a patient entered into an open treatment room in accordance with a doctor's consultation and direction.

Efficiency effect
Pain alleviation & edema mitigation

In the case of foreign countries, they use whole body low temperature treatment devices for earliest physical recovery of the athletes after violent games like ice hockey. This is a fact proved by a clinical experiment treatise supported by the German Sports Science Research, [Influence of the whole body cry therapy over the heart pulsation(heart beat rate) during self-restraint activity and the hang loose period] (W.JOSH wrote)

"It is excellent to recover athletes' bodies after exercise and to maintain a good condition. Especially since it enables(athletes) to recover in a short time after violent games like hockey, they do not have burdens against the next games. - The Time, Corespondent DAMIAN White -

"All the pain of arms and legs disappeared after repeated treatments, my body became light and soft, and my life became active. I felt comfortable" - Daily Mail, correspondent BARNEY CALMAN -(2006.11.16)

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Product specification

[KFDA Permit No : 08-441]
Item Cold therapy apparatus
Model NCT-0001A
Voltage AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 860W
Temperature of the treatment room -95°C ~ -110°C
Size(mm) 950 x 1800 x 2100
Weight(g) 300 kg