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Laser Therapy Device(Belt Type)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Meeting of laser and Low Frequency, Belt Type Irradiator

Frequency flows fine electric current to the human body to stimulate nerves and muscles where blood circulation disorder arises because of lumped red blood cells caused by fatigue, stress and diseases, to release the lumped areas and to make transportation of oxygen and nutrients easy so that it shows effect to the acute and chronic pain diseases with reduction of pain inducing materials and increase of Endorphin synthesis.

Characteristic and Merit

  • Laser + low frequency irradiation function
  • Convenient ON/OFF Function
  • Low frequency output : improving quality of low frequency output it stimulates highly softly and lightly.
  • Simple charging method : portable, using mobile phone charger
  • Comfortable wearing
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Product specification

Item Laser apparatus for medical use
Model QTB-113K
Voltage AC110~220V, 60Hz, Bettery : DC 3.7V / Consumption power : 2.5W
Time 10 minutes
Laser specification Wavelength : 890nm / output : 3.5mW/Grade : 3R
Low frequency specification output frequency : 120Hz / Voltage~stage 1:65Vp/stage 2:73Vp/stage 3:80 Vp/stage 4:87Vp
Size & weight Main unit : 197 x 91 x 37(mm) / 295g
belt : 1100 x 54(mm) / 61g