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Ozone-oxygen Therapy Device

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Ozone-Oxygen Therapy disinfecting wounds, stanching blood and alleviating pain!!

NINEX Ozone-oxygen treatment device classified as a medical substance generator, it makes use of oxygen to make ozone-oxygen mixed gas to spray the gas on the diseased part caused by a cut of the associated soft tissue of the body for treatment. Overspreading damp medical gauze wearing saline solution on the affected part, and spraying the ozone-oxygen gas thereon directly to touch it, disinfection gets effected by strong oxidation of ozone. In addition, the diseased area is disinfected, and stanched, and pain is alleviated.

At the same time, treatment of the affected area progresses rapidly by oxygen. Regardless of the areas of the patient’s body, this product is a treatment device without antibiotics available to maximize the treatment simply by ozone-oxygen gas.

Characteristic and merit

Easy movement Unlike the  general hospital equipments fixed to the floor, wheels attached to the product makes movement free so that it can be used moving from beds to beds.
Convenient Hood Lid Using up&down and right&lift freely movable hood stand, it’s available to move the hood simply to the area for treatment.
Simple setup method Because ozone density and time are automatically set according to the serious condition of the treatment(3 stages) with an electronic control system, it is available to use conveniently with simple buttoning.

Efficiency & effect

The purpose is to irradiate ozone-oxygen gas generated from the main unit on the diseased area to treat the associated soft tissues. Examples of corresponding lesion are burns, traumatic aphasia cutis congenital, ulcers, diabetic plantar lesion, bedsore, etc.

"Action mechanism showing oxygen-ozone therapy effect is function improvement of the red blood cells, anti-oxidization system activation of blood, and increment of immunity. At the primary care spot, its applicable fields are widespread."
-[treatise] clinical application of ozone-oxygen therapy(journal of kafm. 2003;24:1078-1084)

"Ozone treatment targeting type 2 diabetes patients suffering from neuron infectious diabetic feet reduced glycemia to improve blood sugar, heightened insulin sensitivity, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and prevented oxidizations in the body in connection with its complication. Ozone treatment will be an alternative treatment method in the future against diabetes and its complication."
-[treatise] treatment effect of ozone for patients with diabetic feet(2005.07.21)

Product use illustrations

Product specification

Model AOT-01
Voltage AC220V, 60Hz
Power consumption 120 W
Oxygen consumption 0.4ℓ / min
Ozone density & use time per stage 1) complete curing : 11min., 1.5mg/l
2) epithelialization stage:21 min., 1.5mg/l
3) serious case : 21min., 1.5mg/l
Ozone decomposition capacity 8 hours, below 0.06mmp, 98%
Inhaling pressure 2 bar
Size(mm) 834 x 540 x 665(mm)
Weight about 30kg